Upcoming conferences & other scientific events worldwide

KAUST International Practical Course: Epigenetics and Chromatin
9-27 July, 2017. Thuwal, Saudi Arabia
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Gordon Research Conference. Epigenetics in Action: From Mechanisms to Biological Impacts
30 July, 2017. Holderness, USA
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Ospedale San Raffaele and Nature conference: Regeneration
16-18 November, 2017. Milan, Italy
Event overview: Understanding how to repair, regrow or replace damaged or diseased cells and tissues is a topic of immense medical importance. This meeting will bring together key experts in the regeneration field working on different tissues and organs. During the meeting we shall explore mechanisms of regeneration in model organisms, such as zebrafish, planarians and salamanders, as well as highlighting advances that are being made towards understanding functional vs. dysfunctional regeneration in different mammalian tissues, such as lung, liver, vessels, brain and heart. The participants will discuss new insights into mechanisms of endogenous regeneration, new understanding of barriers to regeneration in various mammalian tissues as well as promising new approaches to achieve repair of tissues that do not normally regenerate. For more information click here