NGS & Bioinformatics

NGS & Bioinformatics Platforms

The Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) and Bioinformatics platforms are the core of the EPIGEN project. The Institute of Applied Genomics in Udine runs an NGS service dedicated exclusively to EPIGEN partners. The data generated are managed and stored in a repository created by CASPUR/CINECA.

Click here for an overview of the type and amount of data generated to so far.

Several EPIGEN teams develop softwares and pipelines for NGS data analysis, here below is a list of bioinformatic tools which have been recently developed and published.

Click here to access a complete overview of the resource usage among EPIGEN users. You need to  be registered with an EPIGEN account to display the overview.


Pscan allows to search for transcription factor binding sites in promoters of co-regulated or co-expressed genes.


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